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Wood flooring help to create a gorgeous home for your family. For families that have dogs, cats along with other unsuspecting friends, the ideal type of hardwood floors additionally provides a more hygienic environment. It's important to elect for a few of the greatest kinds of wood flooring for pets, in order to maximize your home improvement investment in addition to prevent frustration and excess maintenance. Find out which type of floors and finish work nicely and install the wood flooring you've always dreamed of.

Pet-Friendly Wood Flooring Types

Pets spend an awful lot of time on the ground, and also deserve a comfortable, durable surface. In addition they have claws that tend to be hard on that surface. Pick hardwood flooring with a high Janka rating to overcome the issue--you can enjoy the beauty of hardwood, without fretting about whether or not your puppy will scratch up the floor outside comprehension. Pets also track in sand, dirt and rocks on a regular basis. Engineered hardwood floors can defy this debris. Your best bets include:

Brazilian Walnut hardwood flooring - this exotic wood floor is dense and tops the Janka hardness rating scale. Contemplate Ipe and any other type of freshwater walnut, available in a range of shades and finishes.

Maple - this domestic hardwood floor is utilized for gymnasiums and basketball courts, which makes it a fantastic selection for your home. The Janka hardness score comes in at 1,450, a very respectable score which will deliver exceptional functionality.

Pet-Friendly Wood Floor Finishes

Prefinished hardwood floors is the best option for pet houses. Most floors experts concur that solid hardwood completed with an excellent product comprising aluminum oxide stands up against sharp claws and continuous scratching. Blend that durable finish using a compact floorboard and you have a winning choice. Handscraped flooring offer another choice. This rustic appearance hides the occasional scrape and wears better . In the minimum, homeowners should opt for a product with low gloss, instead of a high gloss finish which reveals the smallest score and mark.

Managing Liquid

Some assume that hardwood floors are an unwise decision in a pet-friendly dwelling. Although liquid needs to be wiped up as soon as possible, quality wood floors will stand until the spills that come with pet ownership. In fact, many pet lovers enjoy the advantages of hardwood. Unlike carpet, wood floors do not hold an odor and spills can be discovered and contained quickly.

Remember to Keep Nails Trimmed

View your hardwood floors as an investment. You would not drag heavy furniture across the boards or subject that the floorboards to excessive abuse. In precisely the exact same way, make sure you keep your pet's nails or clawed clean and trimmed. This restricts the amount of wear and scratching your floors, and helps to maintain a clean living area. Cats and dogs are a part of the family, and also deserve to enjoy a comfortable, attractive house. Opt for the best types of wood floors for pets and expect a floor product which will last, standing up to anything your beloved pet could provide.

Tuesday, 9 February 2021

8 things to Consider When Choosing Hardwood Flooring


Some things are timeless and hardwood flooring is on that list. It provides a timeless look to just about any space and, as we've discussed in prior articles, can add value to your home. In addition, it is easy to clean making it great for those that suffer from allergies. And, unlike other types of flooring, cared for properly, hardwood flooring will last a lengthy time. While hardwood flooring is a great solution for most flooring complications, it's very important to shop carefully since there are lots of variables to consider so you select the best kind of flooring for your individual needs.

Hardwood floors can be a huge investment based on the type you select and also the place where it will be utilized. It's our goal here at Floor Sanding Barnes To arm you with sufficient information for you to create an educated and intelligent decision regarding your flooring choices.

Hint 1 -- Establish a Budget.

Like every significant purchase, you would like to begin with a funding when purchasing flooring. The fact is, there are several different options there's something for every budget. In  Floor Sanding Barnes professionals will allow you to make the best decision for your individual conditions. They'll also discuss matters like warranty, installation options, different sub-floor options and whatever else you should know about in regards to your flooring project. Quite often it's not what you know that drives a project over budget but exactly what you were unaware of.

Hint 2 -- Different flooring types may be necessary for different areas of the house.

This might be evident in regards to the kitchen and bathroom areas. Obviously, wherever there is water or moisture you will want to utilize an appropriate kind of floors. What might not be obvious are self explanatory areas like hallways. In areas where there is an inordinate quantity of traffic, you'll want to use a more durable hardwood flooring type that's scratch resistant. Irrespective of where there floors is going to end up, there is a"hardwood for that".

Tip 3 – Carbon Footprint.

Among other things, today consumers seem to be more aware of how their decisions impact the environment. There has been a time when a person searching to get"green" flooring had hardly any choices. Today, because of consumer demand, there are lots of alternatives from the environmentally friendly class. From cork to reclaimed hardwood and everything in between, there's something for just about every taste and budget.

Hint 4 -- Setup Considerations.

All floors aren't created equally and to complicate things, almost every different kind of flooring demands individualized setup. Unless you've installed floors before and understand what it is you are doing, it's advised that you employ a specialist. Many flooring types need technical tools, sheets, and sub-flooring. Furthermore, if the floor isn't installed properly it may negate the guarantee. There are many factors involved with the installation of floors, it's ideal to acquire an experienced professional installer to perform it.

Hint 5 -- Do a little digital shopping .

It is not always easy to stop at the regional flooring store. Frequently time the hours they're available aren't conducive to a program. Additionally, based on the shop, they could have a limited quantity of stock to reveal you. For all these reasons it's advised that shopping online or in magazines is a fantastic place to get started. Discover the large number of possibilities before making a choice. That way you're less inclined to become disappointed since you discover a floor sort you had been previously unaware of.

Tip 6 -- Can the flooring come with a guarantee?

If you've never bought flooring before, you may not be aware that most quality flooring includes a guarantee just as with other products. Ensure to read and understand the guarantee before you buy it. If you don't understand it, have your salesperson describe it to you.

Tip 7 -- Flooring should not be an impulse buy.

Whatever you decide to buy when it comes to flooring, chances are you are going to have to live with it some time. Because of this, do not rush into making a decision whether it's about colour, flooring kind or cost. Since you are probably making a large investment, you should speak to flooring professional and have all your questions answered before you. The right flooring individual will cause you to feel completely comfortable about your flooring options.

Hint 8 -- Phone a friend

If, after exercising caution and doing the requisite research, you are still unsure about your flooring choice, speak with a couple close friends which have different tastes to receive some feedback. A good friend will be honest with you and since they have no"skin in the game" will likely point out issues that you hadn't believed.

Hopefully, these tips result in a successful flooring buy. If you are still on the fence about your flooring, feel free to call us at 020 3151 0895 or stop by the Floor Sanding Barnes.


Monday, 27 July 2020


Are Your Bay Area Wood Floors Ready to Shine?

You recently bought a new residence, and you would like to tear out the old fashioned carpets (or grout and tile ) and expose the hardwood flooring underneath. Or maybe you would like to restore or update your parent's old house in preparation available. Whatever the case, below are some clever rules of thumb to remember.

What happened to your carpeting (and flooring ) before the recovery process will radically dictate the approaches you need to follow. Maybe the former owner laid the wood flooring loosely or just attached the rugs on the borders. Or perhaps the proprietor sloppily glued the rug within the timber.

The first step is clear: remove the old carpet and any remaining"junk," such as nails, glue, adhesive, etc.. In case the previous owner did utilize carpet glue, you might need to refinish the floor by sanding down the residue or utilizing an adhesive remover. If the old owner nailed the carpeting, you will need to fill in the nail holes.

Be aware: lots of old hardwood flooring can't withstand tough remediation techniques, such as sanding. The floors might be too old, brittle, warped, or otherwise corrupted. This is the best situation for our "No-Sanding" Refinish Process we prefer to phone RX for Wood Floors.

  You also had to scan (and possibly manage) water damage, mildew and mould damage, and pest and pest infestations.

A easy restoration job may turn out to be anything but. As an example, the wood might look normal on top; under, but it may be corroded or sterile.

Speak to the Barnes Hardwood Floor Professionals

To do the job -- to prevent Issues That could lead to accidents, aesthetic imperfections, or just maintenance headaches -- get in touch with the hardwood floor experts at Floor Sanding Barnes today. Give us a call at 020 3151 0895, or complete our online contact form so we can provide you with an estimate on your job.

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Hardwood floors are a great investment for your home and among the hottest flooring materials. However in order to maintain its value over the years, homeowners need to perform regular maintenance and find out more about the causes of damage to hardwood flooring. Listed here are some of the very common problems that crop up during and after installation.

Hardwood floors are a great investment for the home and one of the most popular flooring materials. However in order to maintain its value through time, homeowners need to perform routine maintenance and learn more about the causes of damage to hardwood floors. Listed here are a few of the very common problems that crop up during and after installation.

Dents and Dinks

Some dents may appear after setup while the flooring is still comparatively new. This may be caused by a number of things, including the use of cheaper grades of timber. Another common cause of minor dents is inferior workmanship; which is easy to avoid when you get professional hardwood floors contractors such as Floor Sanding Barnes.

Smears and Smudges

This is a frequent issue especially for homeowners who put in solid hardwood floors with a high gloss finish. The pictures in home magazine catalogs frequently show floors that are exceptionally polished and glamorous but it requires considerable effort to keep your flooring looking exactly the same. Much like a brand new shiny car that requires a great deal of polishing and washing to keep it looking perfect, your floors too will need plenty of cleaning and polishing to keep their luster.

When exposed to sun, hardwood flooring undergo a process of oxidation, in which vulnerability causes a darkening of the timber. This will not lead to any significant difficulties unless the flooring is subjected to extreme sunshine, in which case you could move a couch or sofa to discover a patch of gently colored area under. Even though this could be unsightly initially, the great news is that the stained region will gradually choose a darker tone to match the remainder of the room.

To prevent uneven darkening or lightening of your hardwood flooring, attempt to lessen the amount of sun coming to the space.

Prevent Problems with Hardwood Floor Installation by Calling From the Experts

Are you interested in finding a Barnes Area hardwood floor partitioning specialist? Look no farther than Floor Sanding Barnes . Our hardwood flooring specialists will direct you on selecting the ideal material for your flooring, and performing simple maintenance which may help prolong the life span of the timber. Feel free to give us a call 020 3151 0895

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Antique Wood Flooring Options

There is no doubt that classic and reclaimed wood floors are floor options which are becoming increasingly more popular as time goes by. With a growing number of people seeking design or style options with a story to tell or a legacy behind them, antique and reclaimed wood flooring appears to be able to tick all their boxes. Without question, classic and reclaimed wood flooring are both genuinely authentic flooring options that come with a warranty of no environmental footprint (very important to people with a strong"eco" conscience) and frequently having the added allure of a small story to tell.

The validity and aesthetic appeal of antique and reclaimed wood flooring are definitely two of the choice's strongest points. Sought after for their own look and heritage, on the downside, particular styles of classic and reclaimed wood flooring can prove extremely hard to track down and will also often give rise to installation challenges.

Although there are many flooring reclamation specialists offering a fantastic range of alternatives in both antique and reclaimed wood floors, in case you have a specific kind of flooring in your mind, you might be in for a long wait or a extensive search. What's more, due to the simple laws of supply and demand, together with this choice's sought after nature, you must expect to pay more to get either antique or stained flooring than you'd for similar quality fresh flooring.

It's easy to understand why antique and reclaimed wood floors is popular, but to tell the truth, this option leaves many individuals trying hard to find exactly what they're searching for. Moreover, occasionally when they dothey find their dream solution would be so far outside their budget they are made to have a re-think.

If you're looking for an antique or reclaimed wooden floor and are being blocked either because you can not find what you're looking for, or your budget won't stretch to fulfilling your floors dreams, an alternative may be to consider new wood flooring that has been aged and, or even distressed. Aged and, or distressed flooring is fresh floors that has been (artificially) made to take on exactly the exact same appearance or look of a classic or reclaimed hardwood flooring. In fact, ageing and distressing methods now are so good, that if you shop around carefully, you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference between this alternative and the real thing.

Monday, 16 December 2019

Your Cream Wooden Flooring Inspiration Fix

Cream hardwood floors is not just good to check at, it is a great deal more practical than you would imagine also. Perhaps not the nightmare you could imagine in regards to maintenance cream timber flooring benefit you by washing the gloomiest of chambers with light in a manner that just a glowing, light flooring can.

If it comes to picking your lotion hardwood flooring, among the most crucial things that you want to consider is that tone of lotion you desire. If you receive your lotion hardwood flooring inspiration fix by an engineered remedy, you really can go crazy and present it to any area in your property.

Because of some rise in demand for lotion hardwood floors at Floor Sanding Barnes , we have decided to collect a listing of our Top 10 alternatives. In no Specific order, they're:

This pick engineered oak brushed white UV Engineered flooring really is a milky cream colour and with its exceptionally evident grain is as natural an alternative as you're likely to find. The excellent thing about this lotion wooden flooring is that board there's great contrast, which adds actual charm and interest to even the simplest of chambers.

Another fantastic alternative is that this prime engineered oak herringbone dark stained brushed white lacquered alternative. Concerning tone, it is getting more in the ecru assortment of lotions with the strange dark place to include actual intrigue. Again an extremely natural looking wood flooring, among the first things the bamboo on this floor will indicate that you will be driftwood. It actually does possess a high-value texture to it and could set off any style of supplying to a teeshirt.

Rich cream in colour, this organic engineered floor, oak click white washed option not only has a
really creamy glow to it, it also has the convenience of being click system. Click system means that installation is quick and effortless. Ideal if you fancy your chances at a bit of DIY or if you want a fast installation, when set up, this lotion floor will wash your room with a warm, glowing brightness.

With an almost mushroom tone to it, this lotion pick engineered oak Paris white UV oiled wood floor will add charm and interest to any room without dominating the end result. A great way to present a cream wooden floor to your house, but without fearing that you might sicken of it, this solution is a great one for smaller houses in which you want the same flooring during or in bigger homes where you want a mild, creamy option in one or two rooms only.

When on the lookout for a really natural cream wooden flooring solution, they don't come much more natural looking than this. This natural engineered oak white sand brushed UV oiled alternative is simply stunning and is so richly creamy, you'll feel as if you're walking sun-kissed sand. The brushed and UV oiled finish on this floor means that the grain was really opened up to reveal it in its best and then it has been UV oiled to protect it from tear and wear, as well as harmful rays from the sun.

Cream wood flooring do not come much wider compared to the natural engineered oak snow white hardwax oiled floor. Again a really natural finish, but particularly hard wearing as a result of this Hardwax oil, this one will not fail and will work especially well wherever you have thick or high footfall.

Nd last, but by no means least, this cream colored natural engineered oak click white washed UV lacquered alternative again provides you all the convenience and ease of click fitting finish with a look that'll have everyone thinking you have invested a fortune.

If you're on the lookout to your cream wooden flooring inspiration fix, you're in the right location. Even if our Top 10 has not inspired you, take a few minutes to look around the rest of our website for inspiration or touch base -- the choice is yours.

Thursday, 1 November 2018


People today prefer using wooden flooring for a host of reasons but specifically for a single - its simplicity. Engineered flooring is simple in its design and seems elegant as well. Individuals who use hardwood flooring understand its benefits. The overall look of a house that is decorated using hardwood floors can be very dramatic, given that it provides a traditional touch to the d├ęcor. Together with its positive reasons maybe you should look at installing hardwood flooring in your home?

Another Advantages of wooden flooring

We know that wooden flooring not only looks fantastic and may boost the over all look of your home. But what are the additional benefits of wood flooring?

- Wooden flooring is exceptional. As opposed to some carpet that promises a uniform appearance around. Wooden flooring may provide you a very distinctive look given that every plank which goes into your wooden floor differs.

- Hardwood floors is not a house for dust mites. If you thought your rug would make your home feel fantastic, you are confused. Engineered floors is a great way to keep the spread of dust mites at bay. In fact it is easier to clean a wooden floor than to clean a rug.

- Lastly, hardwood floors lets movement of furniture and can be hard enough to take the wear and tear of our daily lives. When a rug is fitted into a home, the furniture in the house usually leaves marks in the carpet. This isn't true for wooden furniture.

So, if you are considering a new flooring choice for your home, maybe wooden flooring could be a fantastic option, given its mix of durability and beauty.