Thursday, 1 November 2018


People today prefer using wooden flooring for a host of reasons but specifically for a single - its simplicity. Engineered flooring is simple in its design and seems elegant as well. Individuals who use hardwood flooring understand its benefits. The overall look of a house that is decorated using hardwood floors can be very dramatic, given that it provides a traditional touch to the d├ęcor. Together with its positive reasons maybe you should look at installing hardwood flooring in your home?

Another Advantages of wooden flooring

We know that wooden flooring not only looks fantastic and may boost the over all look of your home. But what are the additional benefits of wood flooring?

- Wooden flooring is exceptional. As opposed to some carpet that promises a uniform appearance around. Wooden flooring may provide you a very distinctive look given that every plank which goes into your wooden floor differs.

- Hardwood floors is not a house for dust mites. If you thought your rug would make your home feel fantastic, you are confused. Engineered floors is a great way to keep the spread of dust mites at bay. In fact it is easier to clean a wooden floor than to clean a rug.

- Lastly, hardwood floors lets movement of furniture and can be hard enough to take the wear and tear of our daily lives. When a rug is fitted into a home, the furniture in the house usually leaves marks in the carpet. This isn't true for wooden furniture.

So, if you are considering a new flooring choice for your home, maybe wooden flooring could be a fantastic option, given its mix of durability and beauty.

Monday, 27 August 2018


When the rugs in your home are starting to look a bit worse for wear, then your first response could be to head to the carpet store with the intention of locating fresh replacements. But before you make this movement, you should stop and consider whether rugs really would be the ideal option for your property.

Carpets may have been an essential component of many a home for a long time, but this was generally because there were several other choices. Nowadays however, there are lots of options- with one of the very best being hardwood floors.

The condition of carpets in frequently used rooms and also in crowded regions of the house can deteriorate very quickly, also it can be very difficult to prevent these carpets from sustaining marks.

Other than vacuuming on a regular basis, it can be very hard to keep the carpeting in your home clean by yourself, and regular professional help is frequently required. Again, this is not true with hardwood flooring.

So, before you begin to consider investing in yet more rugs, have a look at hardwood flooring- your mind will change very fast.

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

How to Care for Hardwood Flooring?

Maintaining your hardwood Flooring

Can you just have hardwood floors installed and are currently wondering how the best way to care and preserve them? Or did you move into a home that has hardwood throughout and you also would like to keep them looking new for years to come?

In this post, we'll discuss some preventative strategies for maintaining your hardwood flooring, minimize scratching, and wear of the finish. Hardwood floors are timeless rather than going out of style anytime soon. One of the incredible advantages of hardwood floors is that it lasts a lifetime and then some. We have refinished floors which were over a century old- but not necessarily in the best state- but certainly nothing a good sanding and refinishing couldn't fix. Once sanded, the floors were restored and beautiful.

Hardwood isn't as fragile to maintain as many claim it to be. The most crucial thing in maintaining
hardwood floors is the indoor home environment. Keeping your home surroundings consistent is a vital factor in keeping your hardwood flooring. Wood is hydroscopic. It requires humidity or lack of it to contract and expand. Wood floors expand and contract naturally particularly during warm and humid months and cold and dry winter season. However, too much drastic shift in humidity and temperature may have adverse affects on your flooring. While its ordinary for wood to move(i.e. extend and contract), as it happens under drastic circumstances, such as too much moisture in the atmosphere, your flooring can buckle. Or if it's too cold and dry, your floors will contract leaving openings and spacing at the seams. Your floors will typically remedy themselves once the environment changes, but prolonged exposure to such events can finally ruin the timber.